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Face david

David Krevitt

Data analyst and spreadsheet guru.

“I'm honestly not sure what I'd do without Coach - just the idea of going back to the dark ages makes my head hurt.”

Data analysis the lazy way


By David Krevitt

Use Google Sheets and apps like Zapier to save hours at work.

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Face jeremy

Jeremy Alexander

Online entrepreneur.

“Unparalleled customer support. Coach is the first platform to actually care (oh, and the product's great, too!).”

Construct 2


By Jeremy Alexander

Build 5 Games in this Ultimate Course with over 17 hours of content.

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Face rachel

Rachel Shillcock

Award-winning designer & creative.

“Coach helps me focus on what matters most: building my brand and creating work of real value.”

The vault


By Rachel Shillcock

In The Vault, you will find eeeverything you could possibly need to grow + build a more Revolutionary Brand.

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Face alvin

Alvin Milton

Full-stack web engineer and teacher.

“I pivoted from a brick & mortar to Coach & it was frictionless. I now have my first online course.”

Building web pages


By Alvin Milton

Learn the nuts and bolts of web page building. All you need is the terminal, a text editor, and a browser.

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Face marc

Marc Eglon

Scientist, writer, designer, & publisher.

“The simplest setup I’ve ever used. Coach is a game changer for makers.”

Tiny product manual


By Marc Eglon

There’s a magical time in any project. It’s a point of unadulterated ideation and it comes right after the flash of genius. It’s like the early nanoseconds of the universe, where the big bang turned raw energy into stuff.

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Justin Jackson

Podcast host, teacher, and author.

“I'm moving all my courses and eBooks over to Coach as we speak.”

Marketing for developers


By Justin Jackson

A guide to marketing your software, apps, and digital products. Learn how to build something people want and get your first 100 customers.

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Face mackenzie

Mackenzie Child

Designer, developer, and YouTuber.

“Coach allows me to focus more on what I love to do (creating), and less on everything else.”

Design for developers


By Mackenzie Child

Learn how to make the sites you code both beautiful & user-friendly. This course covers everything that developers (and beginner designers) struggle with when it comes to design.

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Face nancy

Nancy Slotnick

Dating Coach, founder of Matchmaker Cafe, and published author.

“The Coach team practices what they preach.”

Find love now


By Nancy Slotnick

Dating should be fun. Do you feel like it’s almost impossible to find a good guy? Do you feel overwhelmed by all of the dating apps out there? Do you wish dating could be easier and more fun?

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Chris Oliver

Ruby on Rails web developer and animated gif magician.

“I love Coach. It lets me focus on producing the course, not the delivery of it.”

Payments with stripe


By Chris Oliver

A step-by-step course for anyone wanting to integrate Stripe payments with Ruby on Rails. Learn how to integrate Stripe with Rails 5 including multiple plans, upgrades, downgrades, refunds, and more.

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