Landing page builder

You’ve got great ideas, you just need more eyes and ears. Use landing pages to find your biggest fans, then draw them in with tempting offers.

Lp step 1

Step 1: Import your email list

If you already have existing customers or subscribers, the first thing you’ll do is import them into your new list.

Lp step 2

Step 2: Offer something awesome

An offer can be a downloadable file, online course, discount code, webinar, upcoming eBook, or anything that will entice customers.

Lp step 3

Step 3: Collect emails

Promote your landing page to see who’s interested in what you’re offering. All landing pages come with an email capture form to make building your tribe as easy as pie.

But wait, there’s more!


Unlimited pages

Test out all your great ideas by creating as many landing pages as you want. The more ideas you test, the faster you’ll discover your most popular offers.


Customize to your vibe

Adjust the colors, visuals, and copy on your landing pages to suit your style, or to identify the most effective combinations.


See what is (and isn’t) working

Keep an eye on your analytics dashboard to track page visits and conversion rate. Use the data to double-down on what’s working.

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