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Justin Jackson

Podcast host, teacher, and author.

“I'm moving all my courses and eBooks over to Coach as we speak.”

Marketing for developers


By Justin Jackson

A guide to marketing your software, apps, and digital products. Learn how to build something people want and get your first 100 customers.

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Face marcus

Marcus Rideout

Video marketer and Founder of Lone Maverick Inc.

“Ease-of-use for my customers and myself is the biggest appeal for me.”

Video selling mastery


By Marcus Rideout

Learn to sell your video service and help you attract higher paying clients.

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Meighan O'Toole

Creative strategist, consultant, and coach.

“Coach allows me to focus on what's most important, my clients and my content.”

Anatomy of a newsletter


By Meighan O'Toole

Create a successful email marketing strategy for your business or professional endeavors.

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Mackenzie Child

Designer, developer, and YouTuber.

“Coach allows me to focus more on what I love to do (creating), and less on everything else.”

Design for developers


By Mackenzie Child

Learn how to make the sites you code both beautiful & user-friendly. This course covers everything that developers (and beginner designers) struggle with when it comes to design.

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Nancy Slotnick

Dating Coach, founder of Matchmaker Cafe, and published author.

“The Coach team practices what they preach.”

Find love now


By Nancy Slotnick

Dating should be fun. Do you feel like it’s almost impossible to find a good guy? Do you feel overwhelmed by all of the dating apps out there? Do you wish dating could be easier and more fun?

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Yann Ilunga

Podcaster, podcasting strategist, and consultant.

“Coach helps me share my message.”

Create your first funnel


By Yann Ilunga

Learn how to create an automated system that will allow you to CONSISTENTLY generate new leads and increase sales pretty much on auto-pilot.

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