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Yann is a podcaster, podcasting strategist, and consultant who’s taking the podcasting world by storm. We chatted with Yann to get the scoop on his podcasts, membership site, and how he’s using Coach to enhance his business.

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Q: Tell us what you do.

A: I help entrepreneurs, creatives, speakers, and coaches strategically leverage the power of podcasting. So, whether it's as a host or guest, I help them understand whether podcasting is a good fit for their business, how to make it a part of their business, and how to crush different goals through podcasting. A goal can be building authority, it could be growing an email list, or just attracting potential customers. I’m also the host of five different podcast shows, so I really live & breathe podcasting every day.

“I’m also the host of five different podcast shows, so I really live & breathe podcasting every day.”

Q: What inspired you to get started with podcasting?

A: I'm originally from the Italian-speaking part of Switzerland, and years ago I started working there at an international jazz festival. I got to do radio interviews, video interviews, and interviews for newspapers, so I was really on the ground. And I had the opportunity to connect with artists, as well as people from radio stations, journalists, and so forth. And it's something that I really, really enjoyed. So, when I moved to Finland five years ago, I was thinking, "it would be nice to do my own thing,” but I wasn't sure what my own thing was gonna be. I tried a bunch of different things, but long story short, I came across this thing called podcasting. I had no idea what it was. I started listening to a couple of podcasts and I fell in love with the medium.

Q: What were the first steps you took to go from “thing I’m passionate about” to successful business?

A: When I started with my second podcast, "360 Entrepreneur," I was already taking the steps toward making it into a business. Like many people, I didn't have exact clarity when I first started, but then as I began to host my podcast, I was getting questions from other podcasters, from people I knew, and I started to identify trends. Those questions were popping up over and over again. And 95% of the time, if not more, those were podcasting-related questions. So I said to myself, "maybe it would be a good idea, since it's something I enjoy and it's something people are asking a lot about, to laser-focus on podcasting?”

Q: Tell us about your membership site, Podcast Success Academy.

A: With the Podcast Success Academy, we focus on both the technical and the strategic/business side of podcasting. There is a section called "The Podcasting Roadmap", where it's literally a step-by-step journey of how to plan your podcast. So basically, you go from no idea or just an idea, into every single phase. We cover choosing your gear, coming up with the title for your show, where to find guests, how to pitch a guest, making your first buck with your podcast, and everything in between.

Q: How does your passion for podcasting tie back to your business?

A: Many podcasters focus on the content only, and sometimes, we do interviews and as soon as the interview is over, the host says, "okay, thank you so much" and he or she hangs up. But for me, I really like to make magic happen, even after we are finished recording. I’m very focused on helping others, being transparent, and working hard to really try to provide people with value. This also gives me peace of mind, knowing that whenever I have something to promote, whether it's my own course, my membership site, or somebody else's thing, I don't have to sit down and wonder, "hmm, should I share this with my community, or are they going to be thrown off by it?" My people know that when I share things with them, first and foremost, it’s because I think it could be helpful for them.

“I’m very focused on helping others, being transparent, and working hard to really try to provide people with value.”

Q: Tell us about your online course, How to Create Your First Funnel.

A: As an entrepreneur, there are certain things that may not be strictly related to podcasting, but are still very important. So I came up with this idea of creating a course called "How to Create Your First Funnel," which is something that a lot of people, whether they are podcasters or not, are very interested in. In the first phase of my course, I wanted to have the validation. So, I did a mini pre-launch to my email list, to see if there was any interest, and surprisingly there was. Some people were like, "yeah, absolutely, happy to jump on board." So, that gave me the validation I needed to go ahead and create the course.

Q: What’s the biggest thing you learned after creating your course?

A: You know, a mistake that many people make when it comes to products is that they put a lot of time into creating the course or membership site. And they think, "now that the work is done, it's time to focus on marketing." But actually, in my experience, the marketing should come first.

Your goal should not only be getting people through the door, but really to focus on those first people who sign up. And really, if possible, have calls with them, see what they think about the content itself. Is it good, is it not good, is there something missing, is it well organized? Is there something that could have been done differently? When people see that you actually care, and not only care, but that you listen to them and change things, he or she is going to feel part of the creative process. They're going to feel more involved.

“When people see that you actually care, and not only care, but that you listen to them and change things, he or she is going to feel part of the creative process.”

Q: Why did you decide to use Coach for your online course?

A: I know my way around coding a little bit, so I don't have any problem, like, building websites and things like that. And technically speaking, I could have taken care of every aspect of the course by myself, hosting on a website and things like that. But there are so many moving parts that go into a course, so I started wondering if I could find 'somebody' who takes care of certain aspects for me. So, that's when I started to look for platforms that I could use to maybe host my course, and, you know, there are a bunch of them.

At the time, I was using Teachable, and, you know, some people have talked about it, but I wasn't really happy. But then I had a conversation with a friend of mine who uses Coach as well. And he said, "by the way, I'm thinking about an online course and just found Coach, and they released a new feature that makes it possible to host a course." The timing couldn't have been any better because my frustration with Teachable reached a boiling point. And when I heard about Coach, I was like, "that's definitely something that sounds interesting."

Q: What has been your experience with Coach so far?

A: You guys really earned a lot of brownie points on my end because I had a Skype chat with David, and I was really blown away by your values and your way of doing business, as it’s really aligned with what I do. But then I was also blown away by the fact that David, and obviously you, and the rest of the team of Coach are really interested in what I, as a Coach user, would be interested in.

So, I didn't have any problem moving from a platform like Teachable, and take it all the way to Coach because I can't say anything bad about Coach. I really feel that you guys care about not only me, but about the people who use Coach. And in the long term, that’s what really makes the difference.

“I really feel that you guys care about not only me, but about the people who use Coach. And in the long term, that's what really makes the difference.”

Q: How Does Coach help you achieve your goals?

A: First of all, Coach helps me share my message, but they also help with the overall presentation of that message. A good design and customer experience has a positive reflection on me, as well. Coach has also helped strengthen my authority and trust factor. But then, of course, when it comes to the actual content of the course itself, that has really helped me, too. And I've done even some coaching calls because of my course, "How to Create Your First Funnel." If it wasn't for Coach providing me with the tools I need to host my videos and all the other materials that go with the course, some of those people may not have become coaching clients.

Q: What advice would you share with other creators?

A: I'd like to share what I call "my three T’s.” It's not very sexy or anything, but it's basically something I do whenever I want to learn or try something new. The first T stands for “test.” So, whenever I hear a tip on a podcast, in a book, or watch a virtual summit, the first I do is test it. The second T is for “track.” It can be with Google Analytics, depending on what is it I’m testing, but it's important to keep track of what's happening. And then the final T stands for “tweak” (or move on). So, once I've tested and kept track of things, I can look at the data and see, has the strategy worked for me? If yes, with how much impact? If it has worked, but still needs to be improved, then I can tweak. If it hasn't worked at all, or not as well as I thought it was going to, then I can think about just moving on.

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Podcaster, podcasting strategist, and consultant.

“Coach helps me share my message.”

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